Support Packages


An email marketing campaign that is opened and converts is the backbone of any business but especially true for e-commerce. Get the most out of your newsletter campaigns with a template designed specifically for your business which will help convert sales with how your order your information, where you place your calls to action and builds trust through consistency.

Bespoke newsletter templates from £49

Add-on services:

  • Newsletter strategy putting together what you need to send and when you should be sending it.
  • Newsletter content building. Hand over your newsletter construction and just give the green light when you are ready for it to go.

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Social Media

You’ve already got your Facebook or Instagram covered and you know how to post, share and tag but you just don’t have the time to create a strategy which sells. Doing social media often feels like throwing posts into the world when you have time to do so.

I can give you a strategy and create a social media calendar with purpose, that will sell, which you can schedule and automate so that your social media channels work for you.

Social media calendar from £99

Social media strategy from £49

Add-on services:

  • Social media channel management
  • Metric reporting and analytics
  • Facebook adverts
  • Pinterest masterclass
  • Webinar masterclass

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PR is telling a story about your business and approaching media outlets need not be difficult or intimidating. I can put together a PR strategy for you that will get coverage for your business. I’ve proven experience getting coverage in national press, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, local press and magazines.

PR strategy from £99 which includes where to pitch, when and a template of a pitch email.

Add-on services:

  • 3 month and 6 month PR campaign

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You have a blog but don’t know what to write. Your website is being built and you urgently need six pages of website content that is SEO optimized. Your sales text needs tweaking so that it speaks to your customer.

I can create content for your website, pull together series of blog posts which you can re-use and pull into sales funnels. I’ve worked with festivals, record labels, theatre companies and my own e-commerce site to produce content that people want to read and share.

Blog posts from £40

Website content from £150

Add-on services:

  • Blog series that fulfills sales funnel goals
  • Content marketing plan for either 3, 6 or 12 months which gives you a wealth of blog post ideas and how to automate this.

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Perhaps the most time-consuming part of any business if figuring out the finer details: suppliers, shipping, packaging, and printing. I’ve worked on the logistics of worldwide tours, put together events around the world, sourced hard-to-find materials and equipment. I’ve re-united bands with records left at venues, located lost and loved items left behind, walked people through complex event set ups step-by-step. I have tried and trusted suppliers but am constantly researching and building up relationships with new leads.

If you need someone to walk you through what you need step-by-step so that you can understand not only how to get to your goal but the directions you need to take to get there then I am the right person to support your business.

I can put together logistical plans and research, show you quote comparisons and let you know what a service is really like.

Logistic services from £20 per hour or day rates available.

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