Webinar Production Packages

The ‘I’ve Got It Covered’ Package

You are new to webinars and unsure if this is right for your business and you want to check it out before making a big financial commitment.

This package is great for the webinar ‘newbie’. It includes:

  • Pre-production run through: one-hour call on Go To Webinar (or software of your choice) to set out how you want the webinar to run, how audience questions will be handled, audio checks and other technology checks.
  • Branding and invitation link set up.
  • Green room prep: 15-30 minutes before broadcast goes live. Technology checks and audience management.
  • Audience management during broadcast. Field questions and resolve any problems.
  • Resolve any technical issues that might occur.

This package does not include a webinar license so if you think you might need one, talk to me.

Costs: £50

The ‘Building My Audience, Growing My Business’ Plan

You’ve got big plans and you know they will succeed. You are going to get over 50 people attending your webinar and you need that additional support.


  • Everything in the ‘I’ve Got It Covered’ package above plus:
  • Email and Social Media management during broadcast. Monitoring queries from people struggling to register, managing any hashtags and social media accounts.
  • Access to my Go To Webinar license. (If you prefer another program, just let me know. I’ve used A LOT of them)
  • Post-production editing and follow up emails if required.

Costs: £100

The ‘Just Turn Up And Present’ Plan

You have a kick-ass presentation that you KNOW will get 100+ audience. You don’t have time to worry about all the administration and production side. You literally want to turn up, present and go.

  • Everything in the previous two plans plus:
  • Lead pages built and distributed.
  • Social media marketing plan for onboarding.
  • License upgrade to full access to the webinar software.
  • Discount on webinar series.

Costs: £150

Still unsure?

Why not try my webinar training? If you have an assistant already who just needs to get up to speed on how to produce a webinar, I can show them my method which is proven to minimise glitches and hiccups. Prices from £30 per hour.

What’s great about this is that I can sit with your assistant at a time that suits them and walk them through the software. This is all done virtually so the only fees you pay are that of my time. I’ll even be on-call for their first webinar to help if they get stuck.