Indie Essentials

You are far too busy with the business of running your business that you don’t have time to commit to all those social media posts, getting your business seen and heard in all the right places or creating content for your website.

All of these things have become overwhelming or sit on the bottom of your to-do list just waiting to be done. You know you need to automate, to schedule and plan. You realise that a scatter-gun approach is not the best use of your time and doesn’t get the results you need.

This is where I can help.

  • Building structures around your business that work towards your goals.
  • Sharing content directly to your dream audience.
  • Creating automations that run smoothly.
  • Putting a clear strategy in place that is proven to work.

There are five keys areas where I can offer a package of support which is designed specifically for small businesses. These are email marketing, social media, PR, content and logistics. Support is designed for the individual client. You may have some of these areas covered and need support in one or more other parts of your business.

My pricing is clear and affordable because I understand that growth and investment for small businesses needs to have a real return on investment.